The True Expectations Dating Show

The path to a rewarding, meaningful relationship has changed drastically in the last few years. Our time is being compressed like a zip drive - with more hours spent apart from the people we love and with even less time to become involved fully with those we have yet to meet. The occasional "internet relationship" of five years ago is now epidemic! We are all forced to watch "shock" and "date" television that has never and hopefully, will never represent the general public.

The True Expectations Dating Show, is attempting to change all the foregone conclusions and deliver "reality based" relationship searches which will address deeper issues about dating in the new millennium! Many of these issues which are only broached as "geeks and freaks" entertainment, leave those of a serious nature even more distraught and lonely.

So what is "reality based" dating? Well, age differentials in dating partners can be problematic yet in many cases are the most viable of relationships. Ethnic or racial differences in dating partners again may cause unintended consequences, but may be in the end - a totally committed experience.

Then their are the issues of "Alternative Dating"; lesbian or homosexual relationships which challenge "family values", the job place or relgious groups. These complex relationships are not talked about in the media in any depth. We are told "that they simply exist and that everyone is supposed to accept it" without question. The True Expectations Dating Show will offer a forum to understand the problems of "Alternative Dating" and help them find "their significant other"!

The morality and values of the United States are slamming head-on into a "global environment" as close as the internet! Yet, our media is loath to confront "reality based dating".

Here at the True Expectations Dating Show, the guests you see are not - out of work actors, or those looking for a "dare", or those who want to throw things around the set! Each guest is carefully interviewed, assessed and given a choice of five fitting matches from hundreds of which to choose from. Our home and studio audiences will have an to opportunity to make their selection/suggestion via the web in real time or at the filming location - for each guest.

Our guest then narrows the field down to their "two best choices" and has the opportunity to interview both candidates in an open and frank discussion, much like that which might be occasioned at a book store, restaurant, coffee house or in the work place. The same sex co-host assists our guest in their questioning process and finally our guest then makes a choice.

Keeping track of our "successes and failures" with the people we put together is an important part of the show! Our guest and the two appearing contestants will receive vacation packages that they can utilize "on their own" or "with someone"! So all those that appear on the show are winners to begin with!

Our studio audience and those watching on the web that choose which contestant is chosen are also winners and may continue to participate for grand prize awards and an appearance on the True Expectations Dating Show as a guest, including airfare and hotel stay for three nights in Hollywood, California. Yet, this show is not so much about prizes as it is about relationships and how to make contact, finding the right person and living a gratifying life in a world that is smaller but less connected in a personal sense!

We invite you to apply as a guest or contestant on the True Expectations Dating Show, now! Simply e-mail your request for a login password. Don't forget to check our Privacy Statement. There are no fees, no third party notification or access of your information. Join us in the great adventure of the millennium, finding that "perfect soul mate"! @Parker-Longbow Productions

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